Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer

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If you have a passion for fitness, there can come a time when you may want to turn this passion into cold, hard, cash.  Wouldn't it be great to make money from your passion, work doing something you love?  Very few of us will be professional athletes, but working as a personal fitness trainer will allow us to work in the fitness field, and as well as keep fit we can help others get healthy and realize their personal goals.  This can be a fantastically satisfying thing to do.

It may seem to be an easy field to get into, but being a personal trainer requires more than just being able to run a 400m without getting a stitch.  Your own personal fitness is not the most important thing really, although others may find it hard to follow your advice if it is clear you do not practice what you preach.

No, more importantly is the ability to be analytical, patient, organized and nurturing.  You are going to come across people who will put up any barrier to doing one more sit-up, and you're going to need the personality that can motivate and inspire these people to push a little bit harder.

Choosing a certificate is going to come next; there are a variety of different organizations in the market at the moment that will allow you to show your prowess. It is quite likely that if you live in a competitive area with a lot of other trainers, you should specialize.  An example would be to choose a Clinical Exercise specialization, where you train to specifically help in the training of people who have injuries or specific diseases.

After you are all trained up, it's time to get a job.  The easiest way is just be simply contacting local clubs and gyms to see if they are hiring trained personal trainers.  It is going to be good to get some time in a professional gym as a personal trainer under your belt before you go out on your own.  However, for many the ultimate goal is to be a personal fitness trainer and working for yourself for your own clients.  This allows your schedule to be very flexible, and you can choose as many clients are you need or want.  As your reputation grows, you should have people clawing to get on your books, so you can have them shedding the pounds in quick time.

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Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer

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This article was published on 2011/06/23