Choosing An Anti Chafe Gel

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Active people know how important an anti chafe gel is to prevent burns and rashes from clothing and equipment. The right gel lets you enjoy your activities and does not come off easily as you sweat or come into contact with water. Chafing can occur in many parts of the body, but it is most prevalent in areas such as the chest, genitalia, nipples, thighs and underarms. Not only is chafing uncomfortable, but it is also painful and can cause damage to the skin.

An anti chafe gel should help you effectively prevent chafing before it starts. Most of these gels come in easy to apply sticks that work much like a roll of deodorant. There are many that are scented and some that will not stain the clothes. Many are also silicone-based or use a combination of silicone to provide waterproof lubrication. They may also contain ingredients good for the skin such as aloe, antioxidant vitamins E and C, natural plant extracts, Tolnaftate antifungal agents or Triclosan antibacterial agents. You can also choose gels that are non-greasy and odorless, but there are also scented gels on the market. Those of you participating in summer sports may want to find a gel that also contains sunscreen.

Athletes are not the only ones who benefit from anti chafe gel. There are many brands made specifically for feminine use. These lubricants reduce blisters, irritation and rashes as well as general chafing. These gels may vary in strength, meaning some are only effective in preventing chafing during normal activities while others will last longer and are made for those who wear active gear such as a bike chamois or a wet suit for endurance activities. If a hands free applicator is important, especially if you need relief from chafing rather than prevention, you can find many brands with this particular convenience.

There are many choices when you need a good anti chafe gel that will not stain or come off with sweat or water and works on all areas of your body from your underarms to your feet. You may already be familiar with a few brand names such as Lanacane and Monistat, but there are many others such as the Asics line of anti-chafing products, Body Glide, Sports Shield and Sports Slick among others. Whether you are a casual walker or a frequent biker or surfer, there is a good anti chafe gel to accommodate your needs.

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Choosing An Anti Chafe Gel

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This article was published on 2011/01/08