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Mentioned Fitness , One first comes to mind is a burly young people must Fitness Room sway sweat. So, if replaced by a young man over his sixtieth of the elderly, you will not find some out of tune it? Reporter in the United States Arlington County, Virginia, Ranson - Brown old fitness center on such a sight to see, feel even surprisingly harmonious. Special equipment, a car shuttle

Reporters to the gym at a time when 12 o'clock. This is our dinner time, but he burst into the gym is still in full swing. Press to see through the large glass floor, 10 more than the oldest old are still in the gym to sweat, exercise together. Old man are in Treadmill And the bike doing mechanical movement; and another small room, the old lady had a female coach at the mat under the leadership of practice Yoga . Fitness Center for

old Bernadette? Ms. Cheatham told reporters here the average age of the elderly fitness up to 80 years old, daily 11 am to 2 pm is their fitness, "prime time . " Taking into account the elderly mobility, fitness center also specially prepared bus, point to their neighborhood community center shuttle.

Car to pick apart to facilitate the elderly, where some of the fitness equipment is also different from ordinary gym. For example, on some equipment from the design takes into account the physical needs of older persons, more simple operation. Sitting as the elderly Exercise Bike Seat sitting on fitness than the average car to be lower, easy to use old fitness.

Plans for the disease , Of course, elderly fitness the most important thing is safety. Cheatham explained that, in order to ensure that they can choose the most suitable for their own training methods, each old aged persons for the first time here, he will receive a special fitness test, the coach to view the status of their muscle, skill and ability body flexibility, and then tailor them to develop a fitness program.

Example, cardiovascular disease, the elderly, the coach may recommend them to exercise in the fitness board; often Yaosuanbeiteng the elderly, the coach may advise them on more devices in the sit-up exercise; and those suffering from bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis, the elderly, the coach may advise them, while the completion of regular exercise, and then select those "mild Gymnastics "Such as yoga and tai chi.

Cheatham said the fitness center are all coaches who have taken kinesiology courses, and have bachelor's or master's degrees and, therefore has considerable expertise in the background. Fitness program started, the coach will inform the role of the elderly every fitness equipment and precautions, and asked them to do each time before hitting up exercise equipment to prevent the elderly blind bodily injury caused by exercise.

The gym more Insurance Time is already 1:30, and the reporter can see, there are several elderly sporadic workout at the gym inside chatting. Mary, 78, told reporters that she old fitness center frequented the purpose not only to strong body, but also to understand more of the old friends. So everyone in the gym and talk about family matters, than a person to stay at home alone even make them happy.

It is understood that, since heart disease, diabetes and obesity have been seriously affected the quality of American life and work, the whole society has begun to attach importance to fitness, and fitness centers have mushroomed throughout the United States appears. In recent years, elderly fitness program is increased significantly. From 2000-2005, the U.S. health club members over 55 years of age or number, from 730 million to 790 million people, and also further increase.

Movement and the United States University of Texas Health Department of Education, Professor Coyle explains: "Compared with traditional training methods, you can exercise in the gym regardless of the weather and time constraints, and the elderly can be more safely use the equipment for exercise, to avoid them night walk sprained foot, or twist in the early morning when a bad back and so on for exercise. "This should tide the rise of the elderly are one of the reasons health bar.

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Older americans hooked on fitness gym - LED High Bay Lighting Manufacturer - LED Fluorescent Lights

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